A rainy day

Another rainy day in the mountains. No fireworks last night but even on a very grey day you will stand out in this black and white outfit.
A rainy day

Style Card:

Jacket: Violator – Passion Mesh Blazer
Blouse: GizzA – Steampunk Outfit
Pants: LeeZu – Florentine High Heal Pants
Gloves: Miamai – Fux short gloves
Jewelry: G&K – Flying Heart
Hair: Diva – Asami
Skin: Glam Affair – amberly

~* Shadows in my mind *~

What happens to all those things,
Those awful things
That we hide in those shadows
Somewhere deep in our brain?
Sometimes one tries to slip through
And come to the surface,
But I’ve gotten really good
At pushing them back
Into their dark corners.
They will not overpower me.

Yet, these are a part of me,
Formed by me.
Waiting to spring out at the worst possible time.

These are all thoughts of things
I could have done,
Should have done,
Would have done,
But did not.

They haunt my present and control my future
For they are strong, brawny, and unforgiving.

The weight of them is so heavy
Sometimes I cannot move,
Like a million books piled on my head
Weighing me down,
Pushing me down, down, down.

These shadows of my mind,
Simmering and boiling,
Stirring pain and regret,
Into a inedible delicacy.

When one of these
Awful things
Makes life totally unbearable,
I wrestle with it,
Take care of it,
And find out
I … am in control
After all!

By: Sazzy Oh

The watcher

Blowing in on the winds of the future


A&Y:    SX69 Belt, Pants(lower), Shirt( upper) NeurolaB Inc: Evolution Boots Electro V3 G210 Defence (Graves): R&L Leg pocket, transparent latex underpants, Jacket, short gloves ROSAL: Viron Corset Rosal: Viron Neck Corset (separate outfit) AdN: Alpha L&R shoulder armor, arm strap pockets, arm warmer hand and arm Hair: CaTwA: Marina Head piece: Griddie – Lea Skin: Lara Hurley – Katya Eyes: Poetic – falling angel Make up: Amacci hairbase,Nuuna’s, mock Shiraz lip jelle,Miamai les Yuki

Shadows of the night

Memorized by the night I stared into the moonlit sky … Waiting. The shadows of the evening slid around me as warm and soft as the feathers of my cloak. Footsteps … Eyes met … Souls touched. The dance began.

  • Outfit:H.O.R.Quizas
  • Cape:HOR – Leopora Cape
  •  Hair:TukinowagumaPreem Ebony
  •  Jewelry :Finesmith
  •  Horns: LEO-NT